Q:   I just received a Division Order from TGC and I don’t understand what it is.
A:   Division orders are sent to inform royalty owners Texas Gathering is now the gatherer on your lease and will now be responsible for distributing your royalty checks. Texas Gathering sends division orders to aid in ensuring that you are the current leaseholder and we have the correct contact information.

Q:   What am I supposed to do with this Division Order?
A:    Please complete the form and mail it to the address on the top left corner of the front page. Once received, the Division Order department will process your paperwork. We will then place your account into pay status, and if we have gathered anything from the month before, royalty owners will be mailed a check on the 20th of the month if the value of what was collected is over $50.

Q:   What amount can I expect in my check?
A:    If before the 20th of the current month, unfortunately we are still processing our paperwork and do not have that information at the moment. After the 20th, you can call the corporate office to get more information.  

Q :   I just acquired rights to a lease from a relative that passed, what do I need to do to change the name on the Division Order?
A:    We will require a COPY of the death certificate (we do not require an original of the death certificate) as well as a COPY of the last Will or letters of testamentary/legal documentation naming you as the owner of this property. We will also need an updated contact for our system; include contact information for the heir of the property. After these changes have been submitted, an updated Division Order will be sent to the new royalty owner. The new royalty owner will then begin mailing or depositing funds on the 20th of each month. If there are any funds in suspense, you will receive those as well.  

Q:   I don’t know if I need to put my social security number or my tax ID.  
A:   If the Division Order is addressed to you then it would require your SSN, if it is addressed to your company then it would require your Tax ID.

Q:   I need to change my address you have on my DOI/My name is misspelled.
A:   Royalty owners may mark out the incorrect address/name on the page and note the correct address/name to the side – after the division order department receives the document, we will update your information in our system. You can also email Nicole at nruiz@txgathering.com with full name of royalty owner & new address.

Q:   The owner number on Texas Gathering documents is wrong/ that isn’t my previous owner number.
A:   That owner number is how Texas Gathering identifies your lease in our system and is unique to our company. It is the first three of Last Name, first three of First Name.

Q:   What does that letter next to “Type of Interest” mean?
A:   “W” indicates working, “R” indicates royalty and “O” indicates overriding.

Q:   I received an ACH form but I don’t want my funds to go to my bank, I want them to be mailed to me.
A:    Disregard the ACH form. Return the Division Order alone and we will mail your checks to you.

Q:   I don’t want my check mailed to me.
A:  You should have received an ACH form with your Division Order, complete the bank information and send it in with the Division Order. Your funds will be deposited on the 20th of the month if we have gathered anything the month before. You may also submit your ACH form via email to nruiz@txgathering.com

Q:   I want receipts for my records.
A:   Royalty owners can expect to be emailed receipts the day of payment, or mailed receipts a few days after the 20th.  

For any additional questions, please contact info@txgathering.com.