Texas Gathering offers lease purchasing, gathering, and marketing services to crude oil producers across the South Central United States. 

To assure the highest quality of customer service and responsiveness, the company utilizes a large network of strategic assets including pipeline space, truck stations, and waterborne access, as well as a company owned fleet of crude oil trucks and transports that run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Texas Gathering has an exceptional record in safety and compliance and remains committed to streamlining and optimizing operations to produce top-quartile safety and compliance at the lowest total cost. To maintain our standard of operational excellence, the Texas Gathering Team is dedicated to equipping our organization with proven tools and highly qualified personnel. Additionally, employees are provided rigorous pre-employment training as well as ongoing participation in continuing education to reinforce safe industry practices.

Our professional Dispatch staff works with our Drivers, Operations, and Scheduling to have loads picked up quickly, proficiently, and reliably. Furthermore, Texas Gathering employees are trained to strap tanks and perform quality and volume measurements by API standards. Texas Gathering utilizes premium electronic ticketing software to track vehicles, record volumes, and report critical information in real time. In addition to our Operations Team, Texas Gathering employs an expert Support Staff to offer comprehensive services for crude oil producers including full service royalty distribution and in-house accounting.

For more information on how Texas Gathering can serve you, please contact us.